Towards Human-Centered A.I.

We are a Data Science and Machine learning consultancy that helps business scientifically make use of their data.

Data Cleaning and Exploration

Tidy up your unstructured data, and conduct exploratory data analysis. Avoid leakages and minimize noises so that your data is prepared in a way that is in line with your business objectives.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Answer your business questions with in-depth data analysis and concise but yet informative charts.

Model Design, Training, and Deployment

Fancy STOA models are not panaceas. You need a plan to find the model that best fits your specific objectives and constraint. A well-oiled experiment-to-production pipeline is also critical to your success.

Ethical A.I. & Machine Learning

Machine learning systems carry the biases its training data contains (computers can also be biased, too!), and they have real impacts on people's lives. We should also be aware of the ways our system can be misused and exploited.