Veritable News is a news aggregation site of articles in Chinese from both international and local news outlets. To reduce the amplification of bias in algorithms, we provide a daily human-curated list of important news, categorized into five different sections: headlines, politics and economics, society and technology, other international news and comments, and local news and comments in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

While the daily list of news is curated, the list of relevant news for each piece is generated automatically using an A.I. algorithm. Most of us don't have the resource to manually maintain such list for thousands of articles. This represents the way we think is a better balance between human and artificial intelligence — we get to quickly retrieve relevant information thanks to the power of algorithms, but our attention is not guided by a black-box.

We also use the algorithm to group similar articles together in the curation interface for editors. This significantly improves the speed of the curation process.

The technology used in this project:

Relevant News Recommendation

Curation Interface for Editors